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Cold Pits Access

Courtesy of InboardHydroplanes.com

The pits are usually divided into a hot pits and cold pits.  The hot pits are where the cranes are located and where the boats are lifted into the water.  This can be a dangerous place, with the boats being moved overhead.  Not only is there a chance that the lifting sling might fail and drop a boat on you, but there may also be hot water draining out of the engine to burn you.  If you find yourself in the hot pits, always be aware of the cranes moving boats at all times.  For these reasons, access to the hot pits may be restricted.

The cold pits are where there are the most boats and you can safely walk up close enough to get really good pictures.  The owners and crew are generally pretty friendly people, when they are not busy.  They are usually glad to answer questions, and if you think that you might want to race, this is a good chance get more information.

Access to the cold pits (the ones away from the cranes) is available for $10.

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